Ethical management




BOSON BIOSCIENCE's Code of Ethics requires employees to comply with all laws and mandates fair trade in all cases.

Violations of our code of ethics by employees are unacceptable and can lead to disciplinary action such as termination of employment and criminal charges. As part of our efforts to ensure that our products do not violate all types of ethical standards, We will do our best to comply with all types of ethical standards.

Country of origin

BOSON Bioscience is evaluating ethical breaches in all countries related to the supply chain in real time. We do not employ third parties and comply with the official information and laws of each country.

All materials used in the product comply with the guidelines of the relevant agencies in Korea and are procured from countries designated by the relevant agencies. In addition, we will visit in advance to verify compliance with our quality control standards and select suppliers who comply with ethics and laws.

1Business Conduct

Since its foundation, BOSON Bioscience has been striving to conquer the life-threatening diseases of mankind and has developed innovative treatments to advance patient care. As a company dedicated to improving patient care and quality of life based on scientific research and development, it is committed to business with the mission of protecting patients' safety, company, employees and business customers by complying with all legal standards.

All employees of BOSON Bioscience are responsible for understanding and complying with business direction and regulations. All employees will continue to improve our reputation by taking responsibility and making efforts to improve our business.


The spread of counterfeit products has become a global problem, posing a serious threat to patient safety.

What is a counterfeit?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), "a forgery treaty is a drug that is deliberately or unjustly labeled incorrectly with regard to identity and/or sources. Counterfeit may be applied to both brand and general products, and counterfeit products may contain products with the correct or incorrect ingredients. Counterfeit products include products with insufficient amounts of active ingredients or with fake packaging."

Counterfeit products include genuine manufactured medicines, but also include packaging and documentation. (Drug History/Distribution Change) Such products may contain genuine drugs that are approved for sale in one market, but are being sold illegally elsewhere.

3consumer product safety

Products manufactured by BOSON BIOSCIENCE are subject to regulatory approval for quality evaluation, non-clinical testing, clinical trial data, etc. by the Common Technical Document (CTD), a form that standardizes data required for application for drug licensing by the International Medicines Regulatory Coordination Commission (ICH), as well as regulations on safety validity screening and item licensing reports introduced in 2007.

4Supplier Information

BOSON Bioscience utilizes scientific expertise to change and simplify disease treatment.
More than five product portfolios and dozens of experiments are underway, and with planned clinical research, we are focusing on solving the biggest health problems today. BOSON Bioscience products include respiratory diseases such as HIV/AIDS, linovirus, Herpes virus, and H1N1.
For more information, see Our Business for BOSON Bioscience.

5Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy

BOSON BIOSCIENCE adheres to the highest level of ethics and integrity in all our activities. We specify that our partners who represent us overseas through anti-bribery and anti-corruption policies comply with all international anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws.

Interested parties, such as employees, employees of partner companies, and customers, can report the following information of employees.

Unfair business handling

Excessive demand


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