Being with BOSON Bioscience is very meaningful. We are bringing hope to a healthy life by providing urgently needed treatments to patients in inflammatory and respiratory diseases such as COVID-19.

We are proud to help our most talented colleagues in the fields of research, medicine, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and business work together and support each other to bring about real changes in patients' lives.

BOSON Bioscience is looking for talented people who are interested in joining companies with intellectual growth and social responsibility. Regardless of region or function, each talent will play a visible role in helping people who need important and new treatments.

BOSON Bioscience welcomes the challenging talent to move on to the global market together.


BOSON Bioscience offers paid MBA internships in marketing, finance and management at its headquarters in Cheongju, Chungbuk.Students must be currently enrolled in a regular MBA program, and graduation is expected in the following year of internship.

BOSON Bioscience offers paid internships in medicine, chemistry, medicine, biology and chemistry at its headquarters in Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province.

BOSON Bioscience offers additional internships in the following key areas:
Clinical operations, regulatory work, medication safety, epidemiology, medical communications, medicine packaging and human resources.